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Map 5 - "Freedom" - # of Leaders
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Author:  DracoGriffin [ Sun Apr 14, 2013 7:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Map 5 - "Freedom" - # of Leaders

On the previous map, Councilor Terrence locates and escorts Prince Kael and Mistress Zara to the Kingdom of Baltia, member of the Free Nations.

However, on the next map, Councilor Terrence isn't a choice in Leader select when given three slots. On the map, he also isn't mentioned nor appears. With just two Leaders and neutral Cog, this map is extremely difficult to hold off for Baron Wolfsbane (who doesn't seem to assist either).

Also, I opted for Prince Kael to be a Tinker and Guardsmen are essentially fodder. They barely survive one attack from Cavalry, even with 45% Terrain bonus from the nearby hills.

So far, I have attempted this map four times. I might restart campaign to have both Prince Kael and Mistress Zara turn into Knights with Cavalry.

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