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Legend of Fat Ninja Featured by AppoDay!

February 7th, 2013

FatNinja IconLegend of Fat Ninja is happy to annouce that it’s feature with AppoDay was a big success! We have seen over 38,000 new users in the past 24 hours, and are happy to say that we were able to have this happen on the same day we rolled out the new version 1.3.0 which brings four new playable characters into the game! Interested to know more about them? Here is information on each of them!

The Sous Chef:
Sous Chef
Kaminoha, AKA Sous Chef, is a junior Ninja who has been training with Kurejita (The Fat Ninja) at the Iron Skillet Academy. He is now on out on the road with Kurejita helping to make The Fat Noodle the premier noodle stand in Japan. Perhaps he might even become the hero himself one day? Only with your help if so!

Lady Fortuna:
Lady Fortuna
Lady Fortuna is an experienced ninja who has long relied on her skills and uncanny luck to rise to the top in the martial arts world. When she hears of Kurejita’s adventure she decides to show her peers that there is more than one great ninja at the academy. Throwing on her best Toque Blanche, she now travels Japan with the goal of greatest chef in all of Japan in mind. Help her make it so with Legend of Fat Ninja!

Senor Nuts:
Senor Nuts
The oddest ninja of the group, Senor Nuts was a hermit living around the Iron Skillet who was coaxed into living and training with the others via the kindness of Lady Fortuna (and absurd amounts of peanut butter) He has since become a formidable ninja in his own right, and is able to ride the winds like none other!

Speedy Anchovy:
Speedy Anchovy
Speedy Anchovy, a feline samurai of some reknown, was once the proud chef behind the 9 Lives Pizzeria in Tokyo. But after an unfortunate health code violation regarding hairballs, Speedy became a wandering ronin. In stumbling across the Iron Skillet Academy though, he found new meaning to life and now sets off determined to make a fresh start of cooking and become the greatest samurai-turned-ninja chef ever. Help him to reach his goal!