Kiwi & Pear World Adventure

Kiwi & Pear World Adventure
These globetrotting monkeys are looking forward to seeing all sorts of great things on their trip, and they want your child to come along! Kiwi and Pear World Adventure Features the award winning artwork of Kiwi and Pear from Wanart, and is full of preschool friendly audio and instructions. There are a variety of mini-games with Kiwi and Pear, then you can join them on a 16 page interactive storybook adventure of their trip.

  • Explore the world with Kiwi and Pear!
  • 16 Pages of fun locations and art!
  • Comes with 3 great mini-games!
  • Catch Fruit on the Amazon!
  • Play Memory!
  • Find out where Kiwi and Pear have been!
  • Excellent beginning geography!
   iPhone/iPod Touch
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